Buyer Guide To Rose Gold

Rose gold is a warm, pink-toned metal that is created by mixing gold with copper and other metals. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for those who want a unique and modern look for their engagement ring. Rose gold is a relatively soft metal, but it is still durable enough for everyday wear. It is also a relatively affordable option compared to platinum.

When considering the purchase of a piece of 18k rose gold jewellery, there are several important factors to consider ensuring you make an informed and satisfying investment. Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you navigate the world of 18k rose gold:

  • Purity: Rose gold is available in different karats, with 18k being the most common option. The karat indicates the amount of pure gold present in the

piece, with 18k consisting of 75% pure gold and 25% other alloys.

  • Colour: Rose gold gets its distinctive rosy hue from the addition of copper and other alloys. The more copper in the mix, the more intense the rose color will be.
  • Durability: 18k rose gold is a durable material that is less susceptible to bending and scratching, thanks to the addition of other alloys.
  • Design and Style: From elegant and sophisticated to bohemian and trendy, 18k rose gold is a versatile material that can complement any personal style and taste.
  • Certification and Hallmark: When purchasing a piece of 18k rose gold jewellery, look for a hallmark or stamp indicating the purity of the gold, as well as a certificate of authenticity for added peace of mind.
  • Price: The price of 18k rose gold jewellery will depend on the design, craftsmanship, and size of the piece. Keep in mind that intricate designs and larger pieces will likely be more expensive


Rose Gold Ring

How is 18k Rose Gold broken down?

18k Rose Gold is a natural metal combined of 5% Silver, 20% Copper and 75% Gold.