Buyer Guide To Sapphire

If you’re considering to Buy Sapphire, you’re choosing a gemstone celebrated for its striking blue colour and durability. Sapphires belong to the corundum mineral family, also home to rubies. They’re the birthstone for September and a top pick for Sapphire Engagement Rings and jewellery.

Colour is often the deal-breaker when choosing a sapphire. The most sought-after stones have a deep, rich blue hue due to iron and titanium. But sapphires aren’t all blue; they come in Pink Sapphire, yellow, green, and purple too.

Quality is key when you plan to Buy Sapphire. Factors like colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight determine the value. Aim for a stone with high scores in these areas to ensure you’re making a worthwhile investment.

Be aware of treatments used to enhance the gem’s features. These can range from heat treatments to enrich colour to diffused treatments that add hues. Knowing about these can help you make an informed choice.

Whether it’s Sapphire Earrings or necklaces, understanding these basics can make your sapphire shopping more fruitful. After all, the gem’s quality and meaning make it a lasting and significant choice.



Locations Where Sapphires are Found

Sapphire is a highly valued gemstone that has been prized for its beauty and durability for thousands of years. The mineral, scientifically known as corundum, is found in various locations around the world, including Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, and North America.

Sapphires were first discovered in the riverbeds of Sri Lanka, where they were used for religious and royal purposes. Over time, sapphire deposits were found in other parts of the world, including Kashmir, which became famous for producing some of the finest sapphires in the world with a rich, velvety blue colour.

Today, sapphires are found in various locations around the world, including Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. Despite its widespread availability, the high demand for sapphires means that they remain a valuable and highly sought-after.


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