Diamond Prices

Unveiling the Secrets of Diamond Prices and Value

The value of a diamond is influenced by its rarity, which is determined by its size, quality, and cut. The higher the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, the rarer the diamond and the more valuable it becomes. Diamond prices increase exponentially with weight, and certain weight intervals, such as the 1ct or 2ct mark, can experience significant surges in diamond price points.

To evaluate the value of a diamond, it is crucial to understand the 4Cs and how each factor affects the price. Armed with this knowledge and the guidance of our expert team at Smith & Green, selecting a diamond can be a delightful and stress-free experience. Choosing a diamond is a lifelong investment that will bring happiness for years to come.

What is the Cost of a Diamond?

Engagement ring-quality diamonds are available at Smith & Green in a vast range of price points from as little as £1,500. Nowadays, most people spend between £1,500 to £20,000 or more on their engagement ring, depending on their personal taste and budget. The beauty of designing a bespoke engagement ring is that you can effortlessly find the ideal price point that fits your specific budget.

Ring settings’ prices remain relatively consistent, while diamonds and gemstones’ prices vary considerably. Thus, you can customize your ring to your desired budget by choosing a setting type and subtracting the cost from your overall budget to find the perfect centre stone.

Diamond Prices