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Can I propose with any type of ring?

Absolutely! The type of ring you choose for a proposal isn't as crucial as the sentiment behind it. Feel free to select any ring that resonates with your partner's taste and symbolises your love, ensuring it's something they'll cherish forever.

Is it necessary to get a diamond ring for engagement?

Not necessarily. While diamonds are a popular choice, engagement rings can feature a variety of gemstones, or even be diamond-free. The key is to choose a ring that aligns with your partner's preferences and reflects the unique bond you share.

What are the trending styles for engagement rings?

Solitaire diamond rings lead the trends in engagement rings. Their design is elegantly simple, featuring a single diamond on a sleek band. This style allows the diamond to be the focal point, radiating sophistication and charm.

What does presenting an engagement ring signify?

Offering an engagement ring is a profound gesture, symbolising your commitment and dedication to your partner. It represents a promise of a shared future and is a significant step in your journey together.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Traditionally, the suggestion was to spend about two to three months' salary on an engagement ring. However, the current approach is more focused on finding a ring that perfectly suits your partner, rather than the cost. It's more important that the ring resonates with your loved one and fits within your budget.